Project for the creation of a network of accommodation facilities located in the Italian headlights.


They are eleven Italian lighthouses, located in strategic positions,even from the scenic point of view.
A project for the upgrading of these structures to be transformed into a residence for a tourism characterized by nature, culture and the environment, slow and eco-sustainable vacation.
A ITALIAN PROJECT: Unique locations as their only potential for relaunching the economy of the territories and generating work through the long-term rental facility

The portfolio consists of 11 headlights owned by the state, four of which are proposed by the Ministry of Defense, and are located in Sicily, Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Tuscany. It is the Faro of Brucoli in Augusta (SR), the Lighthouse of Murro di Porco in Syracuse (SR), the Lighthouse of Capo Grosso in the Island of Levanzo - Favignana (TP), the Punta Cavazzi Lighthouse in Ustica (PA) , Capo d'Orso Lighthouse in Maiori (SA), Faro Lighthouse at Forio d'Ischia (NA), San Domino Lighthouse at Tremiti Islands (FG). To these are added four headlights proposed by the Ministry of Defense: Faro Punta del Fenaio and Capel Red Lighthouse on the island of Giglio (GR), and Faro di Capo Rizzuto (KR) and Faro Formiche in Grosseto, Big Formica Isle.

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