How to trasform turns interested lookers into satisfied bookers with LiveChat

Check-in-London, a company working in tourism industry,puts a great deal of work into their customer service.
Not only do they make sure that their live chat is easily accessible and fits in with the rest of the page, but they also use it to optimize their offering for effortless booking.

Read on to learn more about the ways Check-in-London uses to make their customer service a truly unforgettable experience.

“It isn’t the concept of live chat itself that sets us apart from the competition, of course many of our competitors offer live chat rooms too. But it is the potential LiveChat has unlocked for our team with its unique easy-to-use interface and desktop applications, two-way conversation prospects, advanced chat search and quick chat history tracking that makes this a major (customer service) game changer for us.”

Firsthand knowledge from real Londoners
What a better way to find accommodations in London then to ask Londoners themselves? Check-in-London, a London-based booking service strongly believes that there is none. Founded in 2009, the company offers an interesting alternative for travelers and holiday makers looking to book accommodations.

According to Gavin Pereira, Managing Director at Check-in-London, the company operates in a “fiercely competitive travel sector, with established hotel industry on one side and the disruptive peer-to-peer rental community on the other.” Despite the tough competition, the company thrives in the market thanks to the local knowledge they provide and their use of solutions like LiveChat. “We plan to build on this success and take our brand and business further by focusing on understanding client’s needs and preferences and doing whatever it takes to win them back over and over again,” Pereira added.

The need for easy-to-use chat platform
After the launch of their new site in 2013, Check-in-London needed a way to support customers who wanted to use the new LIVE booking channel. “We were looking to introduce a live chat application that would allow us to deliver a higher customer service level to match,” Pereira said.
Tanielle Lobo, who is Check-in-London’s Marketing Manager, found LiveChat when browsing through the web and “immediately fell in love with its unique look and easy usability, wanting to bring it on board as quickly as possible,” Pereira noted.
One of the major requirements for Check-in-London’s chat was the ease of use. “It was important that it was a fuss-free solution, easy to learn and easy to use for both our team and the website visitor,” Pereira said. “We did not want something we had to faff about with trying to learn and deploy so that our team could then get on with delivering the extra reassurance and priority assistance to clients live on the site who were in the midst of the research or booking journey.”

High-touch booking advice via LiveChat
The company launched its LiveChat after a quick trial period and painless implementation. During their office hours, three live chat advisors offer expert booking help to “encourage more instant bookings through the newly launched website channel and also improve sales conversions overall by letting their local expertise shine through,” Pereira stated.
Using the available customization options, Check-in-London managed to translate their personality into their chat, making it easy for visitors to start a conversation. “LiveChat is now important as our phone lines in terms of client communication tools but much significantly cheaper in terms of costs,” Pereira said.
The team also heavily utilizes the available archives and monitoring features. According to Pereira, agents love the chat search tool, which can provide a quick access to previous communication history with a customer. The monitoring data is also a great help when answering customer enquiries. “Being able to see viewer webpage browsing data is another bonus, it just connects the dots and gives our team a better idea of the client’s preferences and in turn prepares them to answer queries more effectively,” Pereira noted.

Big jump in leads generation and sales conversion
Check-in-London’s live chat turned out to be a roaring success. Both customers and agents benefited from the implementation. Customers can get instant answers to their questions instead of having to resort to picking up the phone, which “would entail expensive international calling charges from their end,” Pereira pointed out.
When it comes to the agents, they can share their expert knowledge more easily and offer personalized service when using LiveChat. According to Lobo, LiveChat has taken their personalized service “a step further and is an incomparable customer engagement tool for any B2B or B2C business today.”
Apart from quicker response times and satisfied customers, the company has also noted a significant increase in the number of generated leads and sales. “For us, it has directly increased lead generation by 26% and improved sales conversions by 17% and is a cornerstone of our customer service offering,” Pereira stated.
The company looks forward to using some of the more advanced LiveChat features to get even more out of their implementation. Check-in-London also looks to grow their live chat advisor team to about 7-8 agents by the end of 2014.

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