Realization of digital communication campaigns and web marketing from website building to customer loyalty.

Most of the business communication business is now covered by the Internet. But what does it mean when it comes to web marketing and digital communication?
As in any marketing action even for web marketing the first crucial step is to clearly define the goals to be achieved.
Therefore, the following factors will need to be evaluated:

Placement and reputation: all actions aimed at informing your business, emphasizing the brand and the name.
Collecting and profiling contacts: are actions aimed at capturing data such as email and phone number from people interested in your proposal with the aim of contacting them later with targeted commercial communications
Direct sales: actions linked in general to the need for online sale or in the specific case of online booking facilities
Speaking and loyalty: actions that have the purpose of general conversation and buzz around a brand or an entrepreneurial reality.

Defining the objectives goes to the actions to be undertaken that are:

Market and competition analysis
It is of the utmost importance to know your reference market, so that you do not engage in scrumptious and expensive actions, trying to optimize your ROI, especially if you have small budgets.

Analysis and choice of distribution channels
We evaluate the most suitable digital channels for performing web marketing actions. Of course none of them are effective on their own, but they should be combined to transform web users to potential customers or people interested in the brand and its products.

Web site: The website is the fundamental foundation of digital communication and the first of the distribution channels. Every other action aims to bring traffic to the business page, which will be clear, with responsive design and easily navigable by smartphones and structured so that users can easily find the information they need

Blog: Another tool of utmost importance for doing content marketing, ie leveraging your skills to create useful, relevant, and quality content. This way you can increase your reputation and become acquainted with more potential customers, even if you are a small local company

SEO: Search Engine Optimization, that is search engine optimization. This is a series of actions to improve your organic positioning on search engines. It is a long and expensive business, but it can give great results over the medium to long term

Social Media: Creating specifically structured content to be shared across social and paid campaigns can achieve great results.

Email Marketing: Newsletters are still very useful tools to let people know their own initiatives.

Mobile Website: More than 50% of Internet traffic is now made by mobile devices. It is therefore essential that your online resources are easily traced and accessible by these devices.

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