Freelance web designer in Italy: the 10 golden rules to work all more serene

Free Lance Web Designer in Toscana One of the most difficult things in the life of the Freelance Web Designer and is to manage your customer.
Often you find in absurd situations that turn into a real nightmare: unqualified demands, little respect, lazy payments, lack of skills, etc. are just some of the most common problems..

  • 1) The Freelance is a professional and as such wants to be respected!
    Respect is a key element in every relationship, especially and above all, in working relationships.
    We are not your slaves, we are not kids cheating with PC, we are not like their barber's cousin doing sites with Microsoft Word!
  • 2) Without trust we do not work
    If mutual trust is lacking, it is good to immediately stop the collaboration; we can not work serenely with a customer who has no confidence in our capabilities ...
  • 3) Clarity, clarity, clarity and clarity 
    We will, as far as possible, make a contract for supplying the certificates by putting everything black on white.
  • 4) Scripta Manent
    Surely you are the most honest person in the world, the best friend of our uncle or a missionary on the path of holiness: when a job is agreed, everything must always be black on white.
  • 5) Our cell phone is not a call center!!
    I always believe that being good, both in life and work, is a good rule, however, as in all things, it takes a limit!
    We are not a generic call center for problems related to the IT world.
  • 6) Experts are us or you?
    Like many soccer team presidents who have fun doing training, many customers also have the claim to lead us into the accomplishment of our work by telling us what to do and what does not. The customer has to tell us what he wants and what his goals are, then it is up to us to find the way to realize them. We, in fact, have the skills to do the job in the best way: to support the customer, in fact, always leads to aberrant results that he himself, most often, will define unsatisfactory by blaming us!
  • 7) Down payment is not optional
    Bad customer vices are that they often forget to have to account for the bill, many times, pretending or absurd apologies.
    We always claim a substantial down payment (at least 30% of the agreed) and the balance on delivery with clear letters in the contract, that the failure to pay within the prescribed time will have atomic consequences for the customer such as mass off-line website.
  • 8) The price is discussed at the beginning of the work
    This, unfortunately, is a bad habit of many customers: at the end of the job, ask for a discount or complain of the price with phrases like "I saw on the Internet today making you a 99 Euro website" ... if a customer has some questions to do it at the beginning when, that is, we are still free to say no. At work terminated the price to pay is the agreed one, if you wanted a site for 99 euros why did you come to us?
  • 9) Updates must be paid!
    Within a few months, your customer has decided to add 5 pages to his website? or did you plan to completely change the navigation menu? very well, it will be our job to inform you in advance about the costs of these changes.
    UPDATE CHANGES HAVE COSTS ON PART, we did not bother to upgrade your site for a lifetime free of charge!
  • 10) The goodsense is basic
    This is the most important rule of all. Each relationship must be regulated by "signed paper" and common sense.
    If our customer asks us, at the end of the work, that a small, initially unmodified change can also close one eye and content it; very different if, at the end of the job and after approving 5 previews, you find that you have completely changed your mind!
    If there is no after-sales service in the contract, this does not mean that we no longer have to answer customer calls; Conversely, the customer can not expect us to spend the rest of your life at his office to let him know how the board works!

RESPECT AND REQUIRE THAT these simple rules are respected, and we will all work more relaxed and happy.