We create websites for motorbike, vespa, scooter and bicycle rental agencies with booking engine for online vehicle rentals.

Our website creation proposal for car, motorbike, scooter, vespa and bicycle rental agencies is the perfect solution for rental agencies wishing to obtain online bookings for their vehicles.

The search and booking engine specially designed for car, motorbike, vespa, scooter and bicycle rental agencies allows you to manage your vehicle fleet in an easy and immediate way without annual or monthly FEE for the rental of applications.

Our proposal for your rental agency includes:

Responsive website
Responsive website creation with content that is suitable for each device used.
Optimization to get the best possible visibility on search engines.
Current and engaging graphic aspect purposely dedicated to inciting the rental of vehicles.
Implementation of JQuery animations and effects, showcases of vehicles and call to action to improve the rental channel.

Back Office
At your disposal a Back Office, also responsive, for the complete management of published contents by accessing a reserved area.
The Back Office has a proprietary CMS and therefore scalable according to customer needs that allows you to manage texts in a simple and intuitive way.
From the Back Office you can manage both the pages of the website and all the vehicles.
The back office also allows you the complete management of all meta tags useful to get visibility on search engines for your rental agency.

Booking Engine for online booking of vehicles
The internal search and booking engine with a credit card payment allows visitors to book online the means available.
Possibility to also integrate a platform for the rental of tours and excursions to be proposed in conjunction with the available means.
From the Back Office you can manage the availability of individual vehicles, rental points, users and all the information necessary for the online booking system of your vehicles.

Customization of the whole system
The whole system (website, backoffice and booking engine) can be customized according to your needs.

Sistem and web site costs starting from € 4,000.00.
No annual or monthly fees.
For the following years you will only pay the hosting renewing (120.00 euros / year)
You pay only once and the system remains yours for life;
unlike the other booking and booking engine systems of vehicles that ask a monthly fee that varies from 300 to 500 our system remains yours forever. In one year you will have already amortized the cost.
The rental fee of the credit card payment platform is excluded. You can choose the one you prefer as long as it has e-commerce integration.

Our website proposal for rental agencies has been designed for all activities that deal with:
bicycles rental agency;
car rental agency;
scooter rental agency;
motorbike rental agency;
vespa rental agency

Do you still have doubts?
See our realization to better understand what you could achieve by creating a website for your car, motorbike, scooter, vespa and bicycle rental agency:
The Vespa Rent

Search engine optimization campaigns
Combine with the creation of the website for your rental agency an indexing campaign on search engines and be quickly found on the web.
Thousands of new potential customers for your rental agency.

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