We offer a cloud hosting server Web service with redundant and expandable architecture.

For your website choose a professional Cloud server.

Hosting professionaleWe offer a quality Web Hosting with a truly competitive price.

Technical features of our hosting offer:
CLOUD Technology Revolutionizes the Shared Hosting Concept.
No longer a server to host websites but a redundant and expandable machine architecture to activate sites with dedicated and guaranteed resources as well.
A technical problem on a server will not interrupt the use of services, which will continue to operate on other machines, allowing Uptime levels of 99.95% on an annual basis.
We've simplified the Choice of the Ideal Formula for Your Website.

General Host Host Properties:
Included Domain
Unlimited Web Space
Unlimited Traffic
MySql (1Gb) / MSSql (1Gb) Database Unlimited
AWSTAT statistics
10 FTP Account
Backup to External Storage
Storage SAS + SSD Disks Replicated to Second Datacenter
UpTime 99.95%
Electronic mailboxes expandable up to 25 GB
Guaranteed assistance (Usually within one day)
COST: 100 Euro + VAT year

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