We create websites for real estate agencies with an integrated backoffice for manage and planning of your real estate showcase on the web.

Thanks to our decades of experience in creating websites for real estate agencies, we have developed a complete package for the promotion of your real estate ads on the web which is characterized by the flexibility of adaptation to customer needs and with a management area ease to use. update. We create your idea to better present your real estate showcase.
Our system allows you to independently manage your real estate proposals in a simple but complete way with all the features you want to implement by making your real estate ads complete with all the details you want to show as descriptions, features, photos, floor plans and videos.
We do not use wordpress or other shared platforms that are not very profitable to target search engine positioning.
Your new website for your real estate agency will be simple and intuitive without neglecting the corporate image that will be current and easy to navigate.

What includes in our website proposal for your real estate agency:

Responsive website creation

Your new website will have content that fits based on the device used.
We build the website by optimizing it to obtain the best possible visibility on search engines without neglecting the graphic aspect.
The website that we offer you is characterized by being designed to target positioning on the web and therefore visibility on google for your ads and for your real estate agency.
Our solutions enhance your properties thanks to the implementation of JQuery animations and effects, showcases of properties and call to action so as not to miss the visit on your site.
All with a captivating graphic aspect that will be simple and pleasant in navigating between the pages and between the lists of properties.

Management for content and real estate announcements

Our proposal is characterized by the complete management of all published content by accessing a reserved area (Backoffice) where a proprietary CMS is implemented and therefore scalable according to customer needs.
From the back office you can manage both the generic contents of the website (who we are, services etc.) and all the listings of the real estate advertisements.
The back office also allows you to manage meta tags useful for obtaining visibility on search engines for your real estate agency.

Search engine optimization campaigns

Combine the creation of the website for your real estate agency with an SEO plan to obtain visibility on search engines and let you find thousands of new potential customers.

Our offer for your new real estate agency website

Website creation with the following characteristics

Home Page with 3 showcases: animation with the properties in the foreground, showcase of properties for rent and / or sale. Link to the main areas of the site (e.g. real estate services)
Unlimited pages for the promotion of its services that can be managed from the back office through an integrated CMS
Where we are: with map and address of your agency
List of real estate proposals for rental contracts, sales, new buildings, last inserted
List of real estate proposals by type of real estate and / or locality
Advanced property search page
Detail of the individual real estate proposals with all the features, photos, floor plans, videos, map and attachments. List of properties similar to the one shown.
Direct information request form from the real estate proposal detail
Sharing on social networks Facebook, Twitter, instagram and others
Responsive customized graphic design.
Website in 2 language versions (Italian and English)
Integration with Google Analytics
SEO Base creation and publication of the site sitemap on google and bing
Domain registration / transfer to performing servers, including SSL secure certificate and e-mail
Free hosting for the first year with infinite web space

Independent and customizable real estate ad management backoffice

Management of all parameters to be displayed in the property sheets (e.g. square meters, garden, terraces, etc. etc.)
Online and offline property management, promotion on the home page and / or other areas of the site
For each real estate ad you can upload photos, floor plans, videos, attachments without limits
Customer list management with contacts and properties for each customer
Possibility of backoffice in other languages ​​(e.g. English)

Additional implementations with extra costs

Possibility of additional languages ​​Russian, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese at a cost of 200/300 euros for each language.
Possibility of integrating for the rent a system to check availability and / or prices and therefore only search for the properties actually available with a search on dates.
Realization facebook page real estate agency.
Possibility to implement a property aggregation search and generation system that allows you to send newsletters and / or send selections of properties directly to a customer.
Advanced SEO: content and meta tag review, landing page creation, content promotion and publication on the web. Search engine indexing. Generation of targeted filter pages for real estate ads.
LIVECHAT online chat system from your website, manageable both from pc and from smartphone with dedicated APP.
Importing content from your old website
Optimization and rewriting of texts for SEO

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We offer scalable solutions for responsive web site realization for your real estate agency.

All solutions have the following characteristics:
  • Domain registration and free hosting for the first year.
  • Secure https certificate, email, MySql database, unlimited web space
  • Performing servers with high Uptime
  • BackOffice with integrated CMS for managing content, photos and attachments
  • Meta Tags management
  • SEO: Web Site Sitemap on google and bing


  • Responsive web site creation
  • Back Office for content management
  • Unlimited real estate ads.
  • Complete solution to make your real estate agency on the web including SEO.
    In addition to the REGULAR offer, it includes search engines positioning campaigns.

Why choose our web agency

If you believe in the web and want to promote your real estate ads on the web effectively.
If you are not satisfied with the low cost solutions with which you get little results.
If you want to rely on an expert who will advise you to have a perfect real estate showcase.

Make your REAL ESTATE AGENCY well know on the web!

Promote your real estate ads and receive contacts from new potential customers.
Request a free quote for the website of your real estate agency!

Some Our WEB Site Creations

We believe that the best advertising is to show our works.

What will your new website look like?
See some of our website creations for Website for real estate agency.
You can get an idea of what we can do for your company.

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