We create websites for gyms and fitness centers with backoffice for the management of all content, timetables and courses and indexing on SEO search engines.

The functionalities required for the creation of a website for a gym or for a fitness center are the same that we can find in other commercial sectors.
We need to focus on communication and the diffusion of our brand in order to find potential customers on the web who need to satisfy a need and let them know that in the gym or fitness center they will be able to find what is right for them.
So the website must have a highly informative character but also have its own character that makes it different from that of the competition.

What should absolutely not be missing on a site of a gym or a fitness center?

To define content and functionality indispensable for gyms and fitness centers sites, you have to put yourself in the shoes of a new customer.
Some elements play a primary role in choosing the right sports center.
We highlight this information and facilitate its decision making.
The website must be made so that users who browse it cannot wait to sign up for your gym.
The various features to be considered in the cost are to be implemented, such as multilingual, the possibility of paying for gym passes and courses and so on, particular forms for data collection, forums, etc. etc.

Map and geolocation on google maps

Distance is the second factor of choice after the price. For this reason, the site must report the clear location of the gym, perhaps even better with the indication on the google map.
At this point, optimization on Google Places plays a fundamental role. Fill in all your data and provide as much information as possible.

How is the structure organized?

The choice of the gym or fitness center is also made on the basis of the courses it offers.
The site must present activities, courses and timetables as clearly and completely as possible.
The courses that take place will in fact be a discriminating factor for those with a specific discipline in mind that they intend to practice.
Advanced features such as, for example, the possibility to book lessons directly from the site will offer valuable support in organizing the gym and fitness center.


By now people document themselves online by taking as much information as possible before going to the site and taking advantage of a trial lesson.
The price strongly affects the purchase choice. Then indicate on the site all the types of subscription trying to be as clear as possible.


Usually the promotional communication of the gym or sports center focuses only on equipment and machinery, on the description of the rooms and all the services available.
The website, on the other hand, should stimulate greater empathy and the only things that can do it are people.
The presentation of the gym staff is therefore a fundamental step for its online promotion.
The use of short videos on the site can make the cognitive process of the structure very personal and stimulating.

Responsive site? Yes it is fundamental

The website of your gym or fitness center must be perfectly visible even on tablets and smartphones because more and more people are surfing on these devices.
Having a structure that can be easily indexed in search engines so that if a potential customer searches for example "Pisa gym" your center appears among the first results.

Content management system

The website of your gym or fitness center must give you the opportunity to independently manage the contents of the site, timetables, courses, the possibility of inserting news and events.
It should give every trainers the opportunity to manage their own blog area where they can write and talk to students by answering questions and doubts.

Do you want to create a professional website for your gym or fitness center?

Subweb Consulting creates websites for gyms and fitness centers to be optimized for all devices, PCs, tablets and smartphones.
We are also able to position your website on search engines in order to allow you to reach new potential customers.


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